Classic Cars on a Drizzly Day

A while ago, An acquaintance on mine (a classic car enthusiast) invited me to come along to an upcoming public meet up of a classic car group that he belonged to. Being an admirer of most things deemed ‘classic’, I happily accepted the invitation.

There were many cars from different eras ranging from the 1930’s up until the 90’s. Among them were various examples of my favourite car – The Morris Minor. I did take some images of the Minors which maybe I’ll share on here at a later date.

The image I am posting today is of the beautiful interior of this luxurious old limousine. I love how the light hits the leather bench seat and the glass partition. The flowers are a nice touch too…

Afternoon Drive – Shot with Olympus OM1 & 50mm F1.8 on Ilford HP5
Printed 10×7 on Ilford RC Pearl

Thanks for taking a look,

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